Environmental Engineering & Consulting

Scope of Services

CET Engineering Inc. provides consulting services in the following areas:

  1. Regulatory Supports

    • Title V - Federal Air Permit Program
    • Title III - Hazardous Air Pollutants
    • SARA Title III Form R
    • Local Air Quality Compliance Strategies and Planning
    • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
    • Equipment Permitting
    • Permit Variance Petition
    • Response to Notice to Comply and Notice of Violation
    • Air Toxic Quantification and Reporting (AB-2588)
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Emission Reduction Credit Application
    • Air Dispersion Modeling
    • Risk Management and Prevention Program
    • Hazardous Materials Management
    • Site Assessment and Remediation Investigation
    • Hazardous Waste Treatment Permitting
    • Hazardous Waste Generator Standard Plan
    • Waste Minimization Program
    • RCRA Permitting
    • Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure Plan
    • Industrial Waste Water Characterization
    • Waste Water Discharge Permitting
    • Waste Water Treatment
    • Storm Water Permitting
    • Water Sampling and Testing
    • Oil Pollution Act of 1990
    • California Oil Spill and Response Plan
    • Green House Gases Inventory
  2. Pollution Equipment Design

    • Design, Installation, Selection, Testing of Pollution Control Equipment
    • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
    • Technology Feasibility Assessment
    • Continuous Performance Monitoring
    • Innovative System Evaluation
    • New Product Research and Development
    • Product Demonstration and Testing
  3. Environmental Monitoring

    • Air Quality Monitoring at Construction Sites
    • Odor Survey
    • Odor Mitigation Measures
    • Ambient Air Monitoring
    • Noise Survey
    • Worker Health and Safety Monitoring for Exposure to Chemicals at Work Places.
Ambient Air Monitoring Station
Management of hazardous materials
Emission Control Installation for a Coal-fired Power Plant

Air Pollutant Dispersion Modeling and Health Risk Assessment Study