Environmental Engineering & Consulting

Company Profile

We provide the following engineering services:

Regulation Compliance Services

CET Engineering provides sound and cost-effective environmental compliance solutions to large and small industrial facilities to comply with federal, state and local environmental regulations. Our clients include power plants, oil refineries, aerospace companies, semiconductor manufacturers, healthcare product manufacturers, and small facilities, e.g., gasoline stations, print shops, and auto-body paint shops.

Pollution Control Equipment Design and Selection

CET Engineering provides selection, design, installation, and testing of pollution control systems for industrial clients. We also conduct innovative research in the field of engineering, including: new product research and development, technology evaluation and demonstration.

Environmental Monitoring

CET Engineering provides ambient air monitoring services, including monitoring stations for particulate matters with aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less (PM10), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Sulfur Dioxides (SOx). We provide indoor air monitoring for worker health and safety. We also provide odor survey, noise survey and mitigation measures.

Our goal is simple: to service clients with cost-effective, innovative engineering and environmentally sound solutions for the long term.